Community Cars


We charge a set rate of 60p per mile regardless of the purpose of your journey. This is calculated from the start to the end of the driver’s journey (usually their home address). We try our best to match passengers to drivers in their locality in order to keep charges as low as possible. A minimum charge of £6 will be applied for journeys that are 10 miles or less.

We won’t charge for waiting time of up to an hour, but if your driver needs to make a double journey then we ask you to pay the cost of the mileage covered. You will also have to pay any out of pocket costs the driver incurs. For example, if there are car parking costs or if the journey involves travel through London’s Congestion Charging Zone or over a toll bridge. These costs will be added to your invoice.

You will receive an invoice from us stating the total mileage costs and any out of pocket costs that may also be due.

We accept the following payment methods:

BACS (bank transfer)


Postal order