Volunteer Co-ordinator

Volunteer Co-ordinator (Telephone based) : Role Description



We have received a phenomenal response from individuals wanting to volunteer their time to help support the local response to COVID-19 / Coronavirus. You will help us match potential volunteers to their preferred role and help us to get them volunteering as quickly as possible.


You must be confident in speaking with people whose needs and views may differ from your own. The role will require you to be able to show empathy, respect and understanding.

  1. Complete the induction or training provided.

  2. Read and understand the general guidance for the role.

  3. Receive referrals of people to contact about becoming a volunteer and read any background information provided via Community Volunteering Support App.

  4. Contact the person referred and use the appropriate script as the basis for matching them to their preferred role.

  5. Update them on the process so that they understand next steps.

  6. Make a record of the call on Community volunteering Support App.

  7. Be alert for any signs of: an adult or child who might be at risk from another, abusive or controlling behaviour, drug or alcohol abuse, neglect (including self-neglect) and anyone with unexplained injuries that might indicate that someone’s safety is at risk. Raise any concerns immediately with your Co-ordinator or with W3RT’s Safeguarding Officer: Sandra Clark (07538 941345). In an emergency, always call 999.

  8. Notify your co-ordinator if you feel unwell or unable to volunteer so that we can keep our records updated and can support you.