Dog Walking Volunteer

Dog Walking Volunteer: Role Description




To provide a Dog Walking Volunteering Service. We aim to have a network of volunteers in the Watford and  Three Rivers area, to help dog owners isolated by the Covid-19 pandemic and ensure the wellbeing of their dog

  1. The purpose of this role is to support people who are isolating by walking their dog (s). As a volunteer dog walker you will collect, walk and return the dog. This will give the owner peace of mind, be healthy for the dog and give you some company on your daily exercise.

  2. General guidance is provided for the role and you are expected to read and understand this.

  3. We will pass you the details via our Dynamics 365 App. You will be required to contact the dog owner, understand their and their dog’s needs, make appropriate arrangements to collect/return their dog and take their dog for a walk or appointment with the vet.  

  4. Always observe social distancing guidelines and wear a face covering. 

  5. Understand and observe expectations, Terms and Conditions

  1. Do not allow anyone to stroke the dog and ensure that you follow guidance with regards to avoiding any behaviors or activities that may result in the dog becoming nervous/spooked

  2.  Contact the owner immediately in the event of any emergency incidents

  3.  Please check other dogs are friendly if dogs greet each other

  4.  Dispose of pet waste responsibly

  5.  Keep on lead (minimizes changes of loss or running at other dogs)

  6.  Use specified route by beneficiary and stay local (no car trips)

  7.  Walk dog on its own, unless there are 2 or more dogs that belong to the same beneficiary/household (don’t bring along your own dog/other people’s dogs)

  8.  You must be able to safely manage dogs on a lead.

  9.  Do not give treats or allow others to (unless the beneficiary has provided the treats to you).

  10. Do not let dog go into water

  11.  Report back to W3RT and the beneficiary, if the dog eats anything from the floor/has unusual bowel movements or similar incidents.