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Volunteering agreement

Watford & Three Rivers Trust (and Watford & Bushey Covid-19 Mutual Aid) will provide you with training and guidance, regular support and feedback, and a written reference if requested. By signing this document, you agree to volunteer, work to the specific role description setting out your role, and agree you will operate within the following rules.


  1. Undertake the work assigned and complete the work conscientiously and to the standard indicated. Ask your co-ordinator for help or guidance when needed.

  2. Treat everyone fairly and equally and never display any prejudice against anyone or treat them less favourably because of their age, sex, race, religion, disability, sexual orientation, gender, views or marital status.

  3. Anything you learn in this role about any individual must be treated in strictest confidence and not shared outside the organisation. Respect people’s right to privacy – do not share any details of the individual or your discussions other than with your co-ordinator or with agencies to which the individual has agreed to be referred. Never share your own personal details.

  4. Base telephone calls and visits on scripts and guidance provided. Focus on the needs of the people you are calling and do nothing to undermine or weaken their health, independence or wellbeing.

  5. Operate within our data and communication protocol: do not record any information other than on the agreed data and communication system. 

  6. Be alert for any signs of: an adult or child who might be at risk from another, abusive or controlling behaviour, drug or alcohol abuse, neglect (including self-neglect) and anyone with unexplained injuries that might indicate that someone’s safety is at risk. Raise any concerns immediately with your Co-ordinator or with W3RT’s Safeguarding Officer: Sandra Clark on

  7. Never ask for money or bank details. If anyone offers money or to share any details, politely and firmly decline and report the incident to your co-ordinator.

  8. If anyone becomes aggressive, tell them you are going to end the contact and report the incident to your co-ordinator immediately.

  9. Keep up-to-date with Public Health guidance and keep yourself safe.  Never do anything you are uncomfortable with and never compromise anyone’s isolation. If your role involves collection/delivery, never enter anyone’s house and always keep at least two meters away.

    For personal shopping volunteer role:

  10. Volunteers will be asked to pay for shopping using their own cards. A reimbursement payment for expenses will be made by W3RT within 24 working hours upon receiving a copy of the receipt.

  11. Please note expense payments may take 3-5 days to clear in your bank account and expenses will be processed Monday to Friday. Any expense claims submitted on Saturday or Sunday will be paid on the next working day.

  12. Volunteers using their cars for personal shopping will receive expenses of £5 per shop to contribute to travel expenses.​

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